Linda Epstein: “Lianna worked as a first reader for me. She not only has a great eye for what’s working and what’s not, but even more valuably she knows how to hone in on how to fix it. That was one of the things I valued most when Lianna read manuscripts for me.”

Tricia Lawrence: “Lianna’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for each project is so beneficial to writers. I highly recommend authors entrust their manuscript to her smart, critical eye.”

Abby “Lianna is as industry-savvy about the kidlit world as they come. She will double as your cheerleader coach and unflinching critiquer, providing a unique perspective on your work.”

Monica: “Lianna is fiercely incisive and insightful when she critiques. She goes over your manuscript with both a fine-toothed comb and a razor’s edge, intuitively zeroing in on both the parts that need work and the parts that already shine. After reading Lianna’s critique of my manuscript, I felt both a much deeper understanding of the parts that needed serious reworking and a renewed confidence in the parts of the work which were already strong.”

Anamary: “Lianna excels at manuscript analysis. She deeply understands storytelling technique, and if your manuscript is stalling in places, she has the uncanny ability to pinpoint precisely what is going wrong, whether it be structure, pacing, tension, character development, plot, setting, you name it. She will highlight your strengths, respect your voice, and affirm what you are doing right. At the same time, she’ll give you honest reliable feedback that will help you improve your storytelling skills and make your manuscript come to life.”

Jen G. “Lianna knows story. She gave me the right dose of encouragement and insight. Best of all, she illuminated for me the heart of my novel so that I could fearlessly revise.  Hire her!”

Anna C. “You’re in the best of hands. There isn’t a sharper eye out there for those lucky enough to benefit from her critique.”